The Most Amazing World of Bluetooth Headphones

Mar 19 2009

Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Active Headphones S9 - Ultimate Mobile Phone Accessories

The Bluetooth Headphones are the best option to connect your mobile, TV, MP3 players, and CD/DVD players wirelessly. This advanced new technology has given the best solution for wireless communication.

This is the first of the stereo Bluetooth products that don’t make you look like princess leah — it is fairly discreet except for the flashing status light at the bottom centre of back pod. Introducing the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Active Headphones S9 is part of the most famous Mobile Phone Accessories

Stylish, comfortable and engineered with cutting-edge Bluetooth wireless technology, the Motorola S9 helps provide wireless access to music and voice calls - while on the go. Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled stereo music phones and with iPod players equipped with the TEN Technology naviPlay™ Bluetooth Stereo Adapter for iPod (sold separately), the Motorola S9 is perfect for delivering favorite tunes and connecting you to calls wirelessly with lightweight design.

Some great features include:

  • Sleek, behind-the-head style
  • Compact 1.3 cm speakers help provide comfort and a snug fit in the ear
  • Works with most of compatible Bluetooth-enabled phones
  • Long play time - up to six hours of play from a single charge
  • Music mutes or pauses when calls come in and resumes once the call has ended
  • Control music and calls from the headphones
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Supports Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP), Audio Video Remote Control (AVRCP), Hands-free (HFP), and Headset profiles
Mar 18 2009

Bluetooth Stereo Headset & Bluetooth 3.5mm Adapter for iPod

Bluetooth headphones are designed to provide ultimate wireless solution and crystal clear sound quality. Here I am going to introduce you the popular Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Bluetooth with 3.5mm adapter. You are aware about the popularity of iPod. In routine life you must be using it at several places. This Bluetooth headphone you can use as your iPod Accessories. The 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter can also be applicable with iPhone. So it will be your iPhone Accessories as well.

The design of headphone is unique and the speakers can perfectly fit to your ears. Also it can be compatible with your cd/dvd player, TV, PDA, MP3 player and mobile phones.

Some features include:

•    Enjoy stereo music from iPod, PC, PDA, Mobile, TV, DVD player etc.
•    Never miss a call while listening to high quality music
•    Sporty and stylish design
•    Support Headset, Handsfree, A2DP and AVRCP profile

So get this ultimate wireless solution and enjoy the deepness of the music while not missing any call even.

Mar 17 2009

A Review on Bluetooth Technology and Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphones

You must be well aware about the term Bluetooth right? The simple explanation, The Bluetooth technology is a wireless communication that operates as radio waves, using a band set at 2.4GHz. This frequency is available at no charge. The Bluetooth technology allows two devices to connect wirelessly with each other, and incorporates the use of “Centrino” chips. These chips are available easily in most standard electronic devices such as laptops, cellular phones, computers, headsets, etc.

With the help of Bluetooth Headphone, it will let two Bluetooth enabled device to communicate with each other without any physical cable connection. Added to that, is that using Bluetooth devices is very safe and also convenient. So the main of this emerged technology is to get rid of the cables. You can connect your keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth Speakers and any other wireless enabled device like mobile phone or PDAs, printer etc with your computer. The means you will have an uncluttered and well maintained computer room with a minimum of wires lying on the floor. Well another thing is while moving no more hassle to connect cables and all.

Another advantage of using Bluetooth wireless technology is the safety factor. While driving your car it is extremely dangerous to use one hand to hold your cell phone and the other for driving. It is even illegal to do this in some countries as phoning while driving is a major cause of road accidents. You should always leave both your hands free while driving. Now, thanks to Bluetooth technology you can use Bluetooth headphones to receive your phone calls and to talk to the person on the other end of the “line”. This way you can drive safely with both hands on the steering wheel.

This Bluetooth wireless technology also makes our lives much easier and comfortable. This technology does not require you to be in close proximity or tethered to the electronic device to be able to use it. Well it will let you feel free as while talking on the phone you don’t need to carry your mobile in your hand. Simply just using Bluetooth Headphones you can move around, cook in kitchen, gardening, cleaning, exercising and many more with even listening your favourite music.

Hi all, I  am an Author, Editor, Marketing Manager, Authorized Representative, Website Co-ordinator.For more information about  Bluetooth headphones and for  Bluetooth Speakers visit at

Hi all, I  am an Author, Editor, Marketing Manager, Authorized Representative, Website Co-ordinator.For more information about Bluetooth headphones and for Bluetooth Speakers visit at

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